Pork Roll PALOOZA!


Congrats, Phillipsburg Recreation Dept, P’Burg Chamber of Commerce and the whole PRP team! I’d call that first ever Pork Roll Palooza a roaring success!! I’m guessing there will be another one in 2018 🙂

Brace yourselves vegans and ‘clean eaters’… Just when you thought it was safe, here comes an inaugural Pork Roll Fest, slated for October 14th in Phillipsburg, 12-8pm. If you know New Jersey, you know  sweet corn, Springsteen, Bon Jovi, photo-shopped Christie-on-the-beach photos, boardwalk fries, salt water taffy, and….drumroll, please: Taylor Ham!

We tracked down Kelly Post-Sheedy, Superintendent of Recreation, and asked: WHY Pork Roll?
“It’s a Jersey thing!  When can you ever go to NJ and not enjoy a  delicious Pork Roll, Egg, and Cheese to start your day?  The main decision is… Salt, Pepper and Ketchup?”

The name debate rages on, between some North Jersey locals calling it Taylor Ham, vs. South Jersey / Philadelphians calling it “Pork Roll”. The Phillipsburg gateway to NJ was faced with this burning question and went with “pork roll”  for the fest name – but they hope to resolve this relentless debate AT the fest.

When asked if ‘Taylor Ham fest’ was a consideration, Post-Sheedy replied “The thought never crossed our minds.  Mayor Ellis had chatted with a few people about Easton’s Bacon Fest.  Bacon is everywhere, but Pork Roll is unique to New Jersey.  People who call it one name over another are very passionate.

We hope to settle the debate, once and for all in Phillipsburg – Taylor Ham? Pork Roll? Visitors can cast their vote.  It should be fun!“

You can expect everything from Pork Roll Sliders to Deep Fried Pork Roll and even Pork Roll-themed Beverages.  :-O
There will be vendors, fun activities and live music all day. Interested in participating as a volunteer, sponsor, or vendor? Contact Kelley: ksheedy@phillipsburgnj.org

There are some surprises in store, including a Costume Contest that’s in the works too. K S-P notes “There’s a lot planned, but we don’t want to give too much away. Let’s just say, the best is yet to come for Phillipsburg!” ​

Parking routes and shuttle plans are on the Phillipsburg website, plus visitors can use on-street parking and the shoe leather express… Come out and enjoy all of Downtown Phillipsburg!

Pork Roll Palooza details are on the Phillipsburg website and their parks & recreation facebook spot.

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