Cafe Culture: drip, three birds, cyber cafe – oh MY!


by a highly-caffeinated Ellen Shaughnessy

Tucker at Silk Mill - good coffee, mate!
oh yes, this will do! @tucker cafe, 13th St. Silk Mill

May 10, 2019 – There is Toby’s Estate – a Brooklyn roastery featured at the lovely Aussie cafe Tucker, an excellent local Monacacy Coffee Co. drip-coffee at Green Mouth, loose teas and local Fieldstone Roastery coffee drinks in the Easton Public Market, straight up cup o’ Joe and frothy coffee drinks at Quadrant book mart and at Green Harvest in the Grand Eastonian (+ excellent smoothies), Terra Cafe makes a mean ‘shot in the dark’ among other yummy drinks, 3 Birds in the Bull Mansion is now just opening and serving loose teas and Lancaster roast coffees and interesting eats, Easton Grounds looms on the Northampton St. horizon, and — not to be outdone…

Chavela's cafe - coming soon to 141 s. Main St. in Phillipsburg
coming soon, to 141 s. Main St. Phillipsburg!

Phillipsburg s. Main St. is soon sprouting the highly anticipated Chavela’s cafe in the 100-block, plus a very cool cyber cafe is in the works on S. Main St. Just off Union Square you will soon be able to enjoy cool virtual reality experiences, gaming, wordpress user groups, etc. Look for that one to open this summer!

Whew! How’s that for a run-on sentence?
Am I in Seattle? Portland??

Photo by Sarah Gilbert, for the Spring Photo Contest

Nope – I’m at the edge of NJ in Easton and a rejuvenating downtown Phillipsburg!

Kaffe Klatsch

How much caffeine can an area of 30,000 on the PA edge and 30,000 on the NJ edge support? Lots, apparently. With a different vibe and snack-age on many levels – there’s something for everyone with a quest for caffeine.

A little birdie told me that Coffee Culture is alive and well at the edge of NJ & the Lehigh Valley. I believe there is now enough cafe density here to warrant a coffee tour!

‘Break’ it on down… let’s start with an affordable, $ basic cup o’ jo:
  • 1. McDonalds at Larry Holmes Drive and s. 3rd St.
  • 2. WaWa coffee bar at the base of Washington St. &  2a. on Cattell St. in College Hill
  • 3. Dunkin Donuts at 3rd and Center Square.
  • 4. Angelo’s restaurant – yummy old school diner /locals haunt
  • 5. Sullivan’s on the Main, Phillipsburg – sweet old school diner /locals haunt
…to the next-level $$ of rich roasts:
  • 6. Quadrant BookMart & cafe – since 1994! this is Easton’s classic coffee house where they serve delicious breakfasts and lunch – great wraps.
  • 7. Terra Cafe – artisan cafe serving fresh Columbian roasts, smoothies, bowls and wraps with a splash of chill attitude and local art.
  • 8. Easton Grounds… $$ or $$$ ? we shall see; coming very soon!
  • 9. Cake & Corolla; magnificent. …and don’t forget Sweet Girls also on n. 3rd for sweet treats / baked goodies.
  • 10. Billy’s downtown diner – a fresh new take on diners; new school! very good.
  • 11. Hill’s Kitchen on College Hill at 501 Cattell is a lovely locally-owned new school dinette… haven’t tried the coffee there yet but heard it’s quite good.
…to very fine/premium caffeine buzz $$$
  • 12. Fieldstone Coffee Roasters in the Easton Public Market, with fine loose teas too.
  • 13. Green Mouth Juice Bar Cafe – I’m no vegetarian but their seasonal chick pea wraps are simply delicious! Many healthy organic foods and drinks here, plus juice cleanses. AND excellent drip-coffee, coffee drinks – local roastery Monocacy coffee.
  • 14. Tucker Silk Mill – this Aussie cafe features Toby’s Estate Roasts (Brooklyn). Maybe the best flat-white around. Really good local-sourced foods too. I mean: REALLY.
  • 15. In College Hill there is the ‘euro vibe’ at Mojo Cafe on March St. and nearby, find the 16. Cosmic Cup, serving up excellent Lit Coffee Roasts (roasted in Bethlehem) and really good bagels, etc.

    Three Birds Coffee House: Spectacular.
  • 17. Exciting new Three Birds Coffee house is just opening, in their magnificent renovation at the Bull mansion! You can read all about it here in MCall.

Coming SOON!

  • 18. more Columbian coffee goodness & delectable pastries will be served up at Chavela’s @ 141 s. Main St.

    Easton Roastery looks quite roasty with its cool new wood facade.
  • 19. An exciting new Cyber Cafe is also in the works… it should open this summer! in the 100-block of s. Main St. Phillipsburg. So far it’s just a well-established quiet rumor but wheels are turning. Stay tuned and check back!
    We’ll update this blog and our twitter feed @eastonishome with more info. as these last two cafes on the east coast develop.

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