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Lehigh Valley Arts Scene

Maria Woodford

by Matthew Crain Written While Listening to Maria Woodford Sing “Ball ’n’ Chain” at Blues Week, Augusta, Georgia, June 2012. God to have been there

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Go Trio

by Matthew Crain After two muggy, rainy nights back to back with The Go Trio + Viktorija Gečytė on their Spring Fever Tour (, first

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Dan DeChellis

by Matthew Crain   The only time I’ve ever cried in an art gallery was in San Jose, California, at Carmen Lomas Garza’s piece about

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Peter Cree

by Matthew Crain Peter Cree is a master woodcarver, master furniture maker, master antiques restorer and refinisher. People the world over know him for his

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Scott Sherk

           by Matthew Crain Maybe it’s old age. Maybe I’m going deaf. But these days each hornhonk, or hammerwhack, or Harleyrev, even

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by Matthew Crain   Officer, I can explain: just as I rounded that curve, suddenly it was like I was back at Musikfest watching Tahya

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